The Learning Place Academy has programs for every age, from infants, toddlers to preschool, VPK and school age.

Infants (6 weeks-12 months)

The Learning Place Academy provides infants with individual attention and love, fostering and encouraging their development. Various experiences are designed to promote gross motor abilities while producing a stimulating environment which helps formulate trusting relationships. The Learning Place Academy provides materials that encourage infants to use all of their senses-rattles, unbreakable mirrors, squeeze toys, texture balls, fill and dump toys, simple rhythm instruments, books and simple puzzles. By meeting our infant’s needs consistently, promptly and lovingly, we help our infants learn to trust themselves and their world.

Daily “Baby Grams” are provided. Written documentation concerning your infant’s meals, diapering, naps and of course play activities. Learning Place Academy provides Parent’s Choice (Regular & Soy). Gerber Cereal & Baby Food is also provided as your infant becomes ready. Your infant will be held during bottle feedings.


Toddlers are busy little learners with lots of new things to explore. We specialize in channeling all that energy into things that help toddlers learn and grow. Individual learning centers throughout the classroom let your toddler explore and be adventurous. Learning Place Academy teachers lead young toddlers through age-appropriate activities to improve coordination, increase verbal skills and learn to problem solve. Toddlers will learn to express themselves through singing, dancing, reading, and art. Our curriculum is based on the idea that children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. So we provide them with the materials and experiences to help them understand and communicate in ways most meaningful to them.

Daily Reports are provided. Written documentation concerning your toddler’s meals, diapering, naps and of course, play activities. Learning Place Academy encourages healthy eating habits by providing meals and snacks that are nutritious. Learning Place Academy works with parents as your child becomes ready for potty training.

2-Year Old Preschool Class

The older the children are, the more inquisitive they become. At Learning Place Academy Preschool, we do all we can to satisfy that natural curiosity. Within our home-like environment, your older toddler is free to be anything from an artist to an engineer. Playing “pretend,” learning games, hands-on activities – these are just a few of the ways we keep kids engaged. Since learning how to relate to others is important, we do large and small group activities every day. We spend time outside in our large playground equipped with a jungle-gym, climbing toys, sand play and many other hands on, stimulating activities.

Learning Place Academy encourages kids’ natural curiosity and willingness to try new things, so children can discover the ways that they learn best. In addition to basic skills, your child learns to enjoy self-direction, self-reliance and self-esteem.

Toilet training will also be introduced on an individual basis as your child shows signs of readiness.

Preschoolers (ages 3 to 4)

Preschoolers enjoy a wide variety of self-exploration with manipulatives that enhance fine and gross motor functions. Music and movement is also incorporated into their weekly activities. As they continue to grow more independent, teachers provide learning opportunities that encourage emotional/social development, academic skills and self-discovery.

Monthly curriculum calendars are designed with weekly themes including character development, community helpers, colors, math concepts and letter recognition. Weekly activity plans are designed to promote literacy, emotional/social skills, pre-math readiness, writing, nature & discovery exploration, music & movement and gross motor.

Teachers encourage conflict resolution within the classroom by teaching our children the skills to communicate verbally to have their needs met. We also use positive reinforcement and redirection as tools in classroom management.


Preschoolers are like sponges – they soak up knowledge. Learning Place Academy Preschool follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices set forth by national accrediting associations. Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are built through activities that engage children – counting out straws for milk, identifying the first letter of each child’s name, or cooperating to assemble a puzzle. Here they learn everything they need to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Within our comfortable, encouraging environment children deepen knowledge, free from the fear of mistakes and failures.

We offer Voluntary Prekindergarten Program at our school. This program is offered free for all children preparing for kindergarten the following school year. We provide a structured learning environment using the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is a thematic based curriculum which encourages teachers to be creative in their teaching approach but still stay within guidelines, and is a state approved curriculum. Our classrooms are divided into five learning areas: Language, Imaginative Play, Science, Block Area and Manipulative Area. Your child has many options of exploration. Beyond these centers we also provide oppurtunities for children to explore games on the computer and books on tape are. Outside we offer a large, shaded playground.

School Age

Your school age child will be safe and well cared for in our before and after school program. Our program includes breakfast before school, help with homework, physical activity, socialization with friends, arts and crafts, transportation, and an after school snack. The Learning Place Academy can provide care for your child during regular school breaks and early release days.